Image by Serena Repice Lentini


Uniform Requirements

The Laverton Swimming Club uniform is an important part of being a Team member, helping build a sense of identity and unity.

Uniform and caps are compulsory for all swimmers representing Laverton Swimming Club during training and all competition events, such as, local, State level, Australian Age and Open Nationals.

We encourage all members to wear the club uniform with pride, and must be kept clean at all times ensuring no signatures or badges are on the uniform.

Uniform Orders:

To order a club uniform or purchase new caps, please contact our Uniform Officer

Purchases can be paid to Club account: 633 000 / Account Number 155 704 

​State & National Team representatives

Swimmers qualifying and attending State Chamionships are presented with an event specific T-shirt and cap, at Clubs discretion.

Swimmers qualifying and attending National Championships are presented with a National Team Uniform, at Clubs discretion.

National Team uniform consists of event specific T-shirt, Cap, Tracksuit top and pants.